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Learn How to Play Jazz Piano


If you are looking for an instrument that is a little bit different but is still immensely fun to play then one of the best instruments could be the piano with all of its different styles. The piano is one of the most endearing and popular instruments of all time and knowing all about playing jazz piano provides many players with endless amount of fun and many great challenges. Whether it’s to entertain friends and family with a unique style of playing or to join a band or ensemble, being able to offer piano improvisation ensures that this style of playing is one that appeals to many.

This means that whether  jazz piano chords are what you learn first or you concentrate on building melodies, there are many great options to take your first steps into the world of jazz piano and all that it entails. This type of music may not be at the top of the charts but there has been resurgence in the popularity of jazz in recent years and many key artists of different styles have been known

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Top Jazz Fusion Albums For The Ultimate Jazz-Rock


Is it Rock? Jazz? Or something in-between?

Jazz-Rock (or Jazz Fusion) slammed on the music scene in the late 1960s and early 70s, combining elements of progressive rock music with the improvisational elements of jazz.

This was the time when many musical artists from Miles Davis to Frank Zappa were using amplified and electronic instruments with which to create complex rhythmic patterns, odd time signatures, and very long tracks which included seemingly endless solo improvisations.

“How to play jazz music”

Looking back, it would be easy to refer to jazz fusion as an “era” rather than a genre. This is because during the late 60s and early 70s, fusion was extremely popular, producing a mind-boggling litany of bands and musicians who were blazing new trails and pushing jazz-rock to extreme limits.

Here is a list of 10 Top Jazz Fusion Albums which have been critically acclaimed:

1. Bitches Brew – Miles Davis
Primary Instrument: Keyboards/Ensemble
Year: 1969
Tracks: Pharaoh’s Dance, Bitches Brew, Spanish Key, John

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History of Jazz: 1959


While jazz still continues to evolve today, it seems hard to imagine any other year, past, present, or future producing so many divergent new styles at once. From the introspective, modal musings of Miles Davis on Kind of Blue, to the intense, relentless search for new harmonies and sonorities from John Coltrane on Giant Steps, a wealth of very diverse music was being imagined, created, and recorded by several different song jazz artists in 1959. This list of tracks offers but a small taste of the aural treasures that fascinated, soothed, excited, surprised (and even outraged some) listeners in the post Korean War-era United States. In addition to showing such a diverse range of jazz styles, the music discussed here offers ( at least to this author’s ears) a set of songs that ranges greatly in mood, tempo, and emotion. From the cool swing of Dave Brubeck ( in 5/4 time, no less), to the somber, gut wrenching, blues-drenched tribute to a former tenor saxophone giant by Charles Mingus, to the frenetic, awe-inspiring collaborative efforts of Ornette Coleman’s quartet, pushing the boundaries of jazz

Buying and Learning to Play Music Keyboards

Music keyboards are very popular because they are so diverse. It is like the piano, but it can do much more. The music keyboard can play different instruments, such as the piano, violin, trumpet or even the drums. The musical keyboard is oftentimes used for making melodies for recording studios or for parties and personal use. You can make music with your keyboards to liven up a party. If you don’t already have the music you would like to play, you can search around for music for keyboards. You can search for modern music or you can look up classical sheet music for keyboards.

Types of Music Keyboards

There are all sorts of music keyboards and brands to choose from. You can go with the electronic music keyboards which are like pianos, but are plugged into the wall for power. They don’t play by strings like the piano. Instead they play from electrical sound waves. You can play all different sorts of instruments on the electronic music keyboards, such as the violin, piano, flute and any other instrument that is out there. Different music keyboards come with various types of sound effects and instruments. The

All That Jazz

The club was restless with anticipation as the supporting act wound up. Finally, the woman they had all come to see was about to make her entrance.

Smooth, sophisticated and with the crowd in the palm of her hand from the outset, Claire Martin glided onto the stage at Ronnie Scott’s and proceeded to entertain for an hour and a half with the voice, energy and swagger of an artist at the very top of her game.

It was the first time I had seen Claire Martin in concert. I had heard her and been impressed by her CDs but I believe the true test for any artist is a live performance. After all, with modern technology, even the Tweenies can release a hit single.

If anything, Claire Martin was even better live, simply because she is able to improvise and this is naturally where the real jazz performer truly comes into her own.

“It’s the reason I love jazz more than any other musical genre. It really allows you to inject a little of your own personality into a song and make it

Rock Versus Jazz And Different Genres Of Music

Guitar Players – “Have You Ever Wondered What The Difference is Between a Really Good Weekend Amateur Rock Player And a Top-Notch Professional Jazz Guitarist”? Read On And I’ll Tell You.

Okay… Let’s just create a scenario here… Let’s pretend were comparing the incredible fingerstyle jazz Guitarist Martin Taylor to a talented weekend Rock Player. The first glaring difference between the two playing wise is going to be Martin Taylor’s huge advantage and understanding of harmony and chord melody construction.

The jazz guitarist Martin Taylor would have spent years studying chord construction and Big Band arrangements. This would include being able to improvise over all chord progressions 1,V1,11,V,all forms of blues,chord substitutions,diatonic playing,analysis and transcribing jazz piano parts etc…On the other hand the weekend rock player would have an understanding of the 1,1V,V, chord progressions and 12 bar blues.

And of course he would understand rock chord progressions,and has probably studied all the classic rock players like Hendrix,Van Halen,Chuck Berry,etc…

Okay now here’s where it gets interesting…lets pretend we’re going to switch gigs for the night. Jazz guitarist Martin Taylor is going to play

Jazz Electro Songs

If you have ever been to a dance club with electro songs, you won’t be satisfied any longer without amazing filters, electrifying disco vibe, and cracking beats. Add to that the combination of electro jazz, electro harmonics, electro bass, and what you’ve got is nothing short of top electro. Music in this genre is found in only the best of clubs in a few select locations today. Once you’ve spent time enjoying the creativity and experimental nature of electro, you will no doubt be drawn back to enjoy the sounds again and again.

The music known as electro or electro funk has a base of strong rhythm. Originally, the songs came from a primitive drum machine with a staccato percussion programmed in. The genre has changed significantly over the years. Electro music is more of an art form with fascinating levels of sound, yet one that is very identifiable.

In addition to the percussion sound, electro pieces use guitars. Synthesizers have allowed for the possibility of looping and layering the sounds, although the quality of the tones remains. Breakbeats and other rhythm patterns are popular. Some vocalization has been used

Top 4 Female Jazz And Soul Singers Of All Time

Just imagine what kind of world we would have without music with our conversations revolving on topics like weather and work, whilst movies could be boring and lifeless without the musical components. Music is a vital part of living and through melody, lyrics and song it is possible for thoughts and emotions to be conveyed clearly and easily by various artists. This article will highlight the top 4 female jazz and soul singers of all time.

Aretha Franklin is well-known around the world as The Queen of Soul. Aretha is the second female singer who is recognized in Grammy history, after Alison Krauss. Over the years, she has won eighteen Grammy Awards as well as received the Living Legend Grammy and the Lifetime Achievement Grammy. Aretha has eight competitive and successive awards from 1968 -1975 in the Grammy category for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Subsequently, this award was nicknamed as The Aretha Award.

Billie Holiday has made a huge contribution to jazz music and only a handful of jazz singers could rival this artist. This American jazz singer and composer have been regarded as one of the greatest female

Top 5 Pieces For a Beginner Jazz

Learning how to play jazz piano for the first time is exciting yet very intimidating if one starts with the wrong songs. Selecting pieces that are melodically pleasing, rhythmically simple, harmonically easy (as in the chord changes) and all structured within a straightforward form is very important if a beginner jazz pianist is to gain any significant performance result.

Hence, the following pieces all comprise the elements just mentioned above and, in my opinion, are very suitable for any novice jazz player. Interestingly, these pieces will eventually have to be among the standard tunes in any true jazzer’s repertoire.

The five songs are: (listed in alphabetical order)

1. Autumn Leaves: Beautiful melody in simple rhythms; II-V-I chord changes in the key of G major and its relative E minor; 32-bar ABAC form. This is a “must know” jazz standard, often played in ballad and/or medium swing style. It is also common to find this song represented in G minor.

2. Blue Bossa: Descending melody line with lightly syncopated latin rhythms; II-IV-I in C minor and Db major; 16-bar AB form. This piece is great

The Development of Jazz

Jazz is known as being one of the only styles of music created in America, though it is a mixture West African and Western music traditions. Jazz’s began in New Orleans, around the 1900’s, but its roots can be traced back hundreds of years earlier when slaves who were brought to America developed spirituals and blues in order to communicate with one another and express sadness, desires and religious beliefs. The music was passed along orally with each new generation making their own unique changes to the songs, which were often of a call and response form and unaccompanied by musical instruments.

Rhythms and melodies from the black community were combined with European compositions leading to the development of Ragtime music around 1895. “Ragging” a song meant dragging out certain notes and livening up music by rearranging notes. Ragtime and Jazz are similar but Ragtime music is predominantly sole piano music while Jazz music is played in ensembles.

Though jazz is closely associated with blues and ragtime, one of the most important elements of jazz music is that it is improvisational music–well-known notes and lines are a starting point for

Chord Melody Jazz Guitar

Playing solo jazz guitar is incredibly enjoyable. Instead of relying on a band to back you up, you can make beautiful music all by yourself playing both the chords and melody at the same time. Plus with all the chord substitutions and reharmonizations, you will have a lifetime of fun making up your own arrangements.

With all the jazz chord melody material that’s out there on the Internet, in books and DVDs you think we’d have solved the problem of playing easy chord melodies on guitar by now. Unfortunately most chord melodies are way too complicated for the beginner, leading to frustration and giving up of many students.

Some arrangements available for purchase or on the Internet are way too difficult to play for a beginner. Some arrangements had really difficult chords that are sometimes almost impossible to play.

Some arrangements had really big stretches or cramped chords that hurt the fretting hand after a while. Even with a lot of effort it can be near impossible to play some of the chords. So this leads us to get frustrated and when we move to another song

Jazz at Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are one of those most memorable days in your life so it’s important to get the details just right. Of course, to balance that you should set those details, appoint someone to follow through on your request for that day and then be able to focus on the fun with family and friends. So after the ring, the dresses, the shoes, the limos, ceremony, cake and many other items, it’s the music that will make your guest feel like dancing. Nothing beats a live band with a fabulous singer playing your favorite songs.

The swing and sophistication of jazz is what makes it so popular now-a-days. With that in mind, check out these ideas to make your party a hit:

Music Playing As Your Guests Arrive – The Style of music will absolutely set the tone for the evening’s parties. Jazz from the 1920s and 40s are often cross-generational, popular hits. Music made famous by great musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, or Louis Armstrong and re-made popular today by Michael Buble, Diana Krall, and Harry Connick Jr. can make your party popular for the kids and grandma,

Best Jazz Albums of All Time

1) Kind of Blue -Miles Davis

Yes this is probably the number one selling jazz album of all time. Some say it IS the best jazz album of all time. Did you know that the musicians didn’t even rehearse for the recording session? Miles just showed up to the Blue Note session with some melodies and chords and proceeded to record each song in one take… that’s how Miles liked to do it… he wanted everything to be spontaneous. Needless to say, everyone played brilliantly. There was so much talent and feeling that there was just no need for many takes. The songs consist of simple melodies and there is so much space yet also deep emotion. It is a pleasure to listen to and feel this album.

2) A Love Supreme -John Coltrane

This album completely changed the jazz world in 1965 and even today it’s effects can be found in many musical styles, not just jazz. Coltrane evolves from the extremely complex and dense harmonic language he had mastered with Miles Davis and Monk and just played with pure, raw passion. The four songs on

Wedding Reception Music

1. Consider the Acoustics
The size and type of music vendor you select for your wedding reception depends a great deal on where the reception will be held. A lavish formal reception will suit the classic jazz sounds of a big band, whereas a solo harp would be drowned out in a large venue where there are lots of people talking. Jazz big bands however do not lend themselves very well to an intimate garden cocktail wedding for 70 people. For smaller events you would be better off considering a swinging blues trio or quartet.

Brides often forget to ask of their reception venues whether noise restrictions apply (also a factor for backyard home weddings). If you are getting married in a public place such as a park you will need to find out whether you are even allowed to have amplified music.

2. Hear the Band Before You Book Them
This is a top tip, and a factor which many brides are unaware of until it’s too late. It will put your mind at ease about the wedding if you can meet up with the Band Leader to discuss

Costume in All That Jazz from Chicago

The pose is important in All That Jazz. Velma is a character with charm, sophistication and glamor and she carries this glamor and seduction into the performance of All That Jazz. And All That Jazz could be about a whole world, exciting and full with that 20s jazzy atmosphere. The choreography matches that whole world and that complete performance that goes with it.

Velma’s song is a performance. It is her song and her dance. It is all a performance too. It is a full seduction. It is not just a seductive dance. The choreography for All That Jazz is not just concerned with a seductive performance. There is more. There are new shapes, new lines, new movements and new expressions. Velma’s aim is not just to seduce. It is to perform and that is what the choreography in All That Jazz is about. The costuming should match this performance. In some way in All That Jazz and Chicago, the Musical , costuming comes second to performance, song and dance. Despite this, proper costuming is essential to convey the world of Jazz, seduction, the world of glamor girls, show girls, jazz girls.

How to Play Jazz Guitar

There are many ways of starting to investigate how to play jazz guitar. Some guitar players see jazz as a way to learn improvisation. Others see jazz guitar as an instrument that accompanies a certain repertoire of songs. But once you start to actually study jazz you are confronted with a head-spinning array of odd looking chord shapes and endless discussion of modes and scales.

Just what is your average beginner guitar player supposed to think when all he wants to do is learn how to play jazz guitar? Well, jazz kind of grew like Topsy from its beginning as part of Black American culture in the early twentieth century. The rest of America and the rest of the world started adding their own interpretations of jazz music.

So now under the heading of jazz guitar we have widely diverse styles as those of Wes Montgomery, Lenny Breau, Joe Pass, Charlie Byrd, John McLaughlin, Herb Ellis, Pat Metheny and Charlie Christian. This list is just off the top of my head and these guys’ playing styles are as different from each other as cheese is from Shinola.

Best Funk Jazz Songs

If you’re like me, you love those old blues-inspired grooves of the 70’s, the songs that made everyone in the room stand up and move. The elements of that music that got us all on our feet were not that deep, mostly comprised of basic rhythmic grooves or ostinatos (repeating figures) with layered lyrical content or instrumentation over the top. Add a few tasty rhythmic punches here and there, and suddenly we’re all singing and dancing to a relatively new genre at that time: funk! Funk is where disco meets blues-tinged soul music. Add the more complex harmonic elements of jazz into this mix and the result is one of my favorites: funk jazz. Let’s take a look at my top 3 best funk jazz songs of the seventies.

1. “Low Rider” W.A.R.

W.A.R was a musical crossover band hailing from Los Angeles, and focusing on spreading the feeling of brotherhood and harmony through their music. Released in 1975 at the height of the bands’ popularity, “Low Rider” features a distinctly Latin-influenced groove, starting right at the intro cowbell, developed further and carried throughout the song with the signature

Popular Jazz Songs

Jazz music has been on the music scenes since the turn of the 20th century. It amazingly survived its crucial years, the first years, when racial discrimination against Black American was at its peak. Jazz music came into light through the musical intelligence of Black Americans. It is no wonder that many of the most popular jazz songs are composed and sung by Black Americans who are famous themselves in the field of music.

The most popular songs of this kind are great songs of all time. They live great impressions on their listeners not only because they belong to jazz genre, but because their melodies and lyrics can touch the hearts of many people. It is a source of wonder that many popular jazz songs are Christmas songs which are official soundtracks of popular Hollywood movies. Some have observed that the popularity of the movies contributed to the popularity of the songs. However, some have contested this by saying that the popularity of these songs contributed to the success of the movies. Whatever the contention many people hold, some of these songs are constantly played worldwide for reasons that vary from person

Jazz Songs at Lantaw

Some say jazz music is for intelligent people. Been singing professionally for almost six years now and I’m so grateful to have a band with all the top musicians in Cagayan de Oro. Blacknotes Band being the only jazz band in CDO plays at Lantaw Cagayan every weekend.

Here are some top jazz tunes and most requested songs at Lantaw:

  1. Through The Fire– from Chaka Khan’s 1984 album I Feel For You which was co-produced by David Foster. This song stayed at Billboard Top 100 Hits for almost nine consecutive weeks.


  1. Better Days – composed and performed by Dianne Reeves. The song tells about a grown up child telling story about her grandmother. This has been a very common contest piece for singing competitions. Not only that the song’s melody is quite hard, it also requires a high vocal range for you to be able to sing it.


  1. Waters of March – Aguas de Marco in Portuguese. This song was originally composed in Portuguese by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The song’s real inspiration is during the rainy months of Rio de Janiero during March.


  1. Time and Tide – of course written and performed by the famous Polish jazz icon -Basia. This song is included in her

Best Smooth Jazz Artists

This genre of music provides listeners with some of the most soothing sounds that the market has to offer. The best smooth jazz artists are well known for delivering the awesome sound that the audience wants to hear. If you’re looking for some of the top ranked musicians in this genre then you are in the right place. This article examines some of the considered “greats” of smooth jazz and presents them to you in an articulate manner.

Grover Washington, Jr.

When talking about the best smooth jazz artists, it would beat the purpose not to start with one of the founders of it all, Grover Washington, Jr. Although he sadly passed on in 1999, he will always be remembered as being among the founding fathers of the genre. The amazing saxophonist gained popularity in the 70’s after getting into the jazz music game.

He provided a unique sound which always left the audience wanting more. He would continue on this wonderfully talented career until his death. During this time, he released what would only be considered timeless classics – both as a solo act as well

Top 10 Song List Review

Spanning the years almost as seeming timeless, the song reviews below sum up the greatest moments in music history. Would you like to know the song reviews for the top 10 song list? Look below for your favorites, there is a pretty good chance that all these songs will bring back memories.

#10 Coming in at number 10 in our top song list is Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight. I have noticed mixed reviews with this song. It is recognizable one of the most powerful slow songs (right next to Remember When and I Can’t Help Falling In Love with You), however some feel it has been over played. Personally I have nothing against this song and actually enjoy it. Eric Clapton is talented and became a very successful solo artist in the mid 70s. Some people just are not digging his solo style.

#9 The Sledge sisters are disco divas and “We Are Family” barely makes it in our top 10 of our song list. I feel indifferent about this song and a large portion of guests at parties request this song. The sisters are vocal powerhouses and the intro